A Community Of Passionate Women

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A Community Of Passionate Women

We believe in…

We believe in the force of the mountains to gain energy, clarity and inspiration. We encourage you to experience the mountains as a unique place for your me-time and are happy to provide you with apparel to enjoy them your way. We see you, the confident women in the mountains. Diverse, yet many things in common. Blending the wish to express yourselves, the love for aesthetics and function in apparel with a particular attention to details.

What bonds us is our passion for nature and mountains.
Here’s a community to come together, get inspired and connect with wonderful active women. No matter the goal, level of experience or physical fitness.

We celebrate your unique personality — you’re incredible!

You belong here.

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Our all-female brand design team was challenged to create a visual identity that is soft & strong at the same time.


A behind-the-scenes look at how we're bringing LaMunt to life, see how the brand slowly comes together. #brandshoot #shapeheridentity

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20 women with different backgrounds, united by the same passion, met to discuss their wishes & ideas for mountain sports apparel.

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We’re inspired by the women we work with, and by you, the women for whom we design. We simply cannot do what we do without your insights. If you’re interested in sharing your needs regarding mountain sports apparel, like to give product feedback, are not shy to ask questions and tell us what you want, join our LaMunt Crew. It doesn’t matter where you are, near or far. We’re looking for your unique point of view.

To find out more what the Crew is about and what’s in it for you, check out our FAQs.

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    Headlamp, gentle steps, white frost on the hills, heavy breath, first rays of sunshine around the mountain top. You can call it sunrise, I call it happiness.

    Anna Angermeier

    Anna Angermeier

    Sports Marketing Freelancer

    Mountains are first and foremost passion, LaMunt is passion.

    Linda Ceroni

    Linda Ceroni

    Product Management Assistant

    When you have hiked for two hours in the mountains, you are smarter.

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    The women that inspire us

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    New perspectives on the mountains

    We’re exploring the mountains through the lens of our LaMunt Crew and community — the women who motivate us. Find inspiration in their stories.

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