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We’ve tried to answer the most common questions about LaMunt, but if you are interested in knowing anything else, share your thoughts via our contact form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

LaMunt is a new premium mountain sports brand by women for women. It is dedicated to confident and self-conscious women. We want to encourage them to live mountains as a place for inspiration and mindful me-time. Attention to detail is what really matters to us and we aim to create “magic moments”, small surprises that provide you a special experience.

When trying to find a brand name, our founder Ruth Oberrauch, played with different words, but nothing in the languages she speaks – German, English, and Italian – seemed a good fit. She wanted to transfer a certain feeling, something that is melodic and rough at the same, and that also represents the feminine perspective. Then she went to visit her grandmother, the mother of her mother. She is originally from Alta Badia, and she’s always been a role model for her. She’s modern, open-minded, connected, and she likes taking care of herself. She’s the kind of person you want to have close by when you have an issue to sort out.

Ruth told her about this one word she could not find and that she was thinking about something connected to the Dolomites and that she started to play with Ladin. She listened and nodded, and after a while, she came with this wonderful idea. “Why not only LaMunt?” she asked. “It’s very simple, but it has precisely the flavor you are looking for”.

So, here we are: LaMunt, which means just “the mountain”. Mountain is a feminine word, in Ladin. It’s rooted in our history, it’s melodic and at the same time rough. It’s feminine, but not pinky. And it is strong. Perfect for the community we want to speak to.

We’re working on our first Spring/Summer collection that will be available online and in selected stores starting from January 2022.

LaMunt will work with two main collections, winter and summer, although there are also styles that fit perfectly in between. We are initially concentrating on apparel including accessories. We cannot wait to reveal more soon.

Our solutions combine performance and functionality with feminine aesthetics and finesse. We pay particular attention to a shape that flatters the female body, but also take its diverse silhouette into account. We invest a lot in finding “smart fit solutions” for that. We pay a lot of attention to details and try to create little “magic moments” to discover in our collection pieces.

A magic moment is something incredibly simple in essence, but incredibly difficult to define. What they have in common is that the arrival of a magic moment focuses your attention on the present. It creates one of the few instances in life when we are not thinking about the past or the future. They are special and happen unexpectedly. You are catching some breath after a long hike, sitting next to a little running river, and just listen to the water flowing. You notice how beautiful rhythm and sound are. It can be something physical, or a psychological epiphany; in any case, that’s something that the mountain gives to you.

That is the kind of thing we want to incorporate deeply in LaMunt, starting from the products. This will include an artsy and aesthetic approach, including illustrations and a sprinkle of philosophy: details that you discover after a while, small surprises that give a special twist to your experience with the product itself.

LaMunt speaks to a very specific group of women: the confident and determined ones who love to discover and express their personality also in the mountains, without having to renounce being feminine. That’s our mission: you can be who you are, express your unique self, and still go out there, freeing your mind and enjoying life while being active in the mountains. That confidence and that peace of mind are what you need if you want to be able to see and experiences these little magic moments.

We want women to take time for themselves. To take that little solitude, a little break, that can make a difference. That’s where we gain clarity, we get back to our inner world. In this special time, we notice more, and the real inspiration comes and we return recharged. We want women to enjoy their me-time. We want them to be able to join activity and beauty, reflection, and emptying the mind. Women are diverse, thus there is no unique recipe for me-time. But we know as a fact that mountains can be a great place where you can look for it. Alone, with your friends, with your loved ones: it does not matter, as long as it is time for you.

We take the approach “from women for women” to heart and value the input and feedback we regularly receive from women as we invite them to contribute in a critical and proactive way. We simply cannot do what we do without their insights and experience to create great products. This includes on a voluntary basis to share your passion and join our product discussions including testing products. Sharing insights on our initiatives and giving us impulses & ideas to get better. If you consider joining us, apply here.