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How I started LaMunt

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It was winter 2019…

The management of our company was engaged in an internal workshop to work on the clear positioning of the group’s brands. With the Oberalp Group, we are occupying the topic “mountain sports” with five different and specialized brands. At that time, we were facing the challenge to better differentiate them from each other in the best possible way. During the brainstorming and discussion with the single brand leaders the topic “women” came up, but it wasn’t catching my attention more than other things that we discussed during those days.

This changed dramatically a couple of weeks later. Today I’m looking back and feel that this was somehow the beginning, but the real starting point came later:


A beautiful powder day.

It was winter...

…when I was trying to manage my kids so that they could spend some quality time with their dad or grandparents while I had the chance to have a couple of weekends off for myself for ski touring. I remember that specific ski tour when I started to think about a collection that is dedicated to active women who love the mountains as much as I do, but who are at the same time seeking for something more special… more feminine… with more attention for their needs.

A couple of weeks later, while I was spending a long weekend with a group of female friends in Val Venosta for ski touring, I started to discuss, and yes test, some of my thoughts on them. I asked what they are missing and what they would change. I wanted to know what the mountains mean to them and what they like most … and my initial thought became clearer with every mountain we climbed, with every hot chocolate at the hut, and with every slope we took.

During these discussions, especially with one special friend who was excited about my idea from the very beginning, it was a lot about the specific needs of women (for example in terms of protecting some more delicate areas of a female body) and the question of a fit that really takes our different bodies and curves into account. With another friend, it was more about the aesthetic and the wish to express our femininity and love for beautiful things also while being active in the mountains.

What we all share is a passion for mountains. They are more than a place to be for us. They are a world to be discovered day after day, even if we grew up with them or grew up surrounded by them. We like to keep fit and we love to do so while being active in the mountains. They are a source of inspiration for us and a place to gain clarity. Being out there helps us to gain energy back and to get rid of the intensity of our daily lives. We like our tired and heavy legs after a day in the mountains when we notice at the same time that our soul is free and that our thoughts become lighthearted. What matters for us is the experience, not the speed.

Mountains inspire us.

Moreover, I am thankful that passionate and confident women decided to join me on this journey to make this dream a reality. We started to become a team that works day by day to make LaMunt happen. A brand by women for women.

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