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Recycled Cashmere - Redefining Waste

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If you’re on the hunt for a great and warm thermal layer or winter jacket, look no further than our cashmere filled products. You might ask what’s so special about them? It’s their filling - recycled cashmere is a sustainable padding to love as it is the concept of re-wearing outside pieces that are now recycled inside the garment. You could say it’s the true definition of reinventing.

Recycled cashmere fibres have great advantages - preserving human warmth, guaranteeing softness and high filling capacity. It’s an alternative to goose down and synthetic fillings characterized by a sustainable approach and high performance. It gives breathability and insulation even when wet and provides wind resistance and warmth without adding weight.

The power of recycled cashmere fill:

Revalued waste Circular
High quality material
Thermal comfort
Recycled in Italy
Innovative solutions

Let’s discover what’s behind it.


What is cashmere?

Cashmere is the undercoat fleece of some species of goats native to Mongolia. To survive in such a hostile habitat, these extraordinary animals have developed an undercoat of thousands of very soft and fine fibres. Although wool is obtained by shearing, cashmere is derived from a gentle combing process carried out in spring when the goats naturally shed their fleece. It takes quite a few goats to produce enough fibres for a single garment, hence to the process is not conducted in high quantities. Therefore, cashmere has traditionally been considered a luxury material, mainly used in the fashion industry. Cashmere hair is renowned for its lightweight, thermal properties and for that special feeling of softness and silky hand to the touch. It doesn’t become felted and is long lasting; compared to sheep’s wool, cashmere fibre is more resistant, warmer and more water repellent.

What is recycled cashmere?

Care is at the heart of our sustainable approach. We care for the planet we live on, and we contribute by prioritising natural fibres and recycled materials, because they are renewable and provide functional performance that Mother Nature has honed over millennia. That is why we decided to include recycled cashmere in our collections. In our case, recovered scraps of cashmere fabrics are recycled from the production of coats (and not only) in order to create a warm insulation. The benefit of using recycled cashmere is the maintenance of the same properties of virgin material, without requiring additional resources and chemicals.

The recycled cashmere is created by our partner Imbotex in three steps:
Recovered material is collected and sorted here in Northern Italy;
They are transformed through a mechanical process into very fine fibres;
The fibres are blended with recycled polyester, creating a high performing insulating mix, ready to be processed to create a pad.

This process, patent filed, allowed us to create a product, which is highly resilient and features extraordinary tensile and strengths qualities, while maintaining a consistent insulating capacity. Manufactured in a process that consumes less energy, produces fewer waste and CO2 emissions and requires less water, Luxepad  – Cashmere Blend Edition is a new frontier for ecologically responsible fashion, giving new purpose to otherwise discarded, precious materials. This project is carried forward under the aegis of the Global Recycling Standard, a certification promoted by Textile Exchange, an established non-profit institution that for over fifteen years has been supporting responsible and sustainable product development in the textile industry.

Samuela Cashmere Fill Jacket

Samuela Cashmere Fill Jacket

Where do we use it?

We use recycled cashmere to fill our insulation jackets for technical and sustainability performance. By creating mountain sports clothing from recycled cashmere, we are redefining luxury and ost-industrial waste, proving that a different system is possible. This high-quality material is the perfect combination for our desire to use natural and recycled materials that ensure thermal comfort and breathability. The cashmere padding comes from recovered scraps of fabrics that are recycled from the industrial production and requires no additional virgin material. The whole process is mechanical and does not involve any chemicals. It is also less impactful in terms of energy consumption, waste production, water usage and CO2 emissions.

While reusing one of the most valuable natural materials in the fashion industry, we contribute to reducing our environmental impact and are redefining waste. Our efforts to be responsible is certainly an ever-evolving work in progress, but we hope everyone will take a step in the right direction with us.

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