Our Story

It’s one of great passion & a new approach

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Our Story

It’s one of great passion & a new approach

Every winter, our founder Ruth Oberrauch takes time for ski touring with like-minded alpine sportswomen, something she is very passionate about. During one of these trips, she realised she was not alone with her wish to express her individuality as a woman in the mountains and, the idea for LaMunt was born:
mountain sports apparel by women for women.

The way I dress simply says something about me. For me, it has always been important to also express my personality when being in the mountains. I was looking for finesse, an individual touch combined with functionality – specifically tailored to my needs as a woman. Something I could never find.

Ruth Oberrauch – Brand Manager

1. What does the brand name LaMunt mean?

LaMunt means “the mountain” in Ladin. Mountain is a female word in this language spoken in Badia. It’s melodic and rough. It’s feminine but strong.

2. For whom is LaMunt made for?

LaMunt is for determined, quality & style-conscious, authentic women who care about “their” me-time: alone or with someone, walking, running, or hiking.

3. What is me-time?

Me-time is time for yourself, a break to recharge. There is no unique recipe for it. But we know the mountains can be a great place to look for it.

4. What are magic moments?

A magic moment focuses your attention. We pay a lot of attention to thoughtful details & try to create "magic moments" to discover in our apparel pieces.

5. What will distinguish LaMunt’s products?

Our solutions combine performance & functionality with aesthetics & finesse. They flatter the female body, and we take its diverse shape into account.

Our Mission

Weaving together experience & the female perspective on the mountains

Our promise: premium mountain sports apparel that makes sure women feel good and at ease while being in the mountains. We consider every women’s individuality and combine aesthetic with functionality. We’ve developed “smart fit solutions” with thoughtful details. We deeply take the female body into account and insist on creating the best fit and shape for you to comfortably enjoy all your activities. We value your input and feedback as we take our approach “made by women for women” to heart. Our products will be extremely versatile and we make sure there are some “magic moments” to discover.

While creating our first collection, we’re mindful about how we do things and strive to lessen our impact. Carefully selected materials, recycled & natural fibres as well as a fair production and no use of harmful chemicals are the beginning of our sustainability efforts.

LaMunt wants you to activate and express your unique self, with refined features that allow you to focus on the mountains by purely letting your passion guide you.

We can’t wait to share more.

Onward & upward,
Your LaMunt Team

Our Community

Connect & inspire

LaMunt is about the women who motivate us. We are united by our passion for moving in the mountains. Frequency, skill or speed aren’t the things that count for us in the mountains. It’s passion. To simply go and do things your way. Get together, share and express yourself!